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The Russia Ukraine Military Imbalance

The Russia-Ukraine Military Imbalance #infographic

Most people are aware that Russia has a larger military than Ukraine, but the extent to which the smaller country is outmanned in practically every department may not be apparent at first. GlobalFirepower analyzed both countries' military forces for 2022, and as this infographic demonstrates, Russia has everything going for it on paper, and without Ukraine's friends, in practice as well.

It remains to be seen whether Russian President Vladimir Putin decides to invade the country again, this time on a far larger scale. What we do know is that on the Russian side of the border, there is a new and major military buildup, diplomatic efforts have failed, and the West is now focusing on projecting solidarity and threatening grave (at least economic) repercussions if an invasion occurs.

The Russia-Ukraine Military Imbalance #infographic #Europe #War #Military #infographics

infographic by: https://www.statista.com

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