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what is stress and Every Mind Matters

what is stress and Every Mind Matters #Health #Stress

what is stress:

The body's reaction to being threatened or under pressure is stress. It's fairly common, and it can motivate us to reach goals in our daily lives. It can also help us meet the responsibilities of home, work, and family life.

Do you have a stressful situation?

Everyone experiences stress from time to time, and a variety of unpleasant situations can occur in everyday life. Low-level stress might even be motivating or beneficial. There are numerous things you may do to cope with stressful occurrences, as well as easy activities you can take to deal with stress or burnout.

Stress or burnout symptoms

If you're under a lot of pressure, you might: 

  • Feeling overburdened, 
  • having racing thoughts, 
  • or having trouble concentrating be angry, 
  • always worried, apprehensive, 
  • or afraid, and lack self-confidence having difficulties sleeping, 
  • or are constantly exhausted Avoid items,
  • or people who are causing you difficulties by eating more or less than normal, 
  • drinking more or less than usual, 
  • or smoking more than usual.
Stress can have a variety of reasons.

Stress has diverse effects on different people, and the factors that generate stress range from one person to the next. 

It's possible that the level of stress you're comfortable with is more or lower than that of those around you. When we believe we lack the resources to deal with the issues we confront, we experience stress.

 Stress can be caused by pressure at work, school, or home, illness, or challenging or unexpected life events.


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