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3 Canadian Cities Were Among the world’s most live able

 Three Canadian cities made the top 10 list in the annual Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) ranking of the world's most livable cities, making Canada the clear victor.

Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary are among the top ten most livable cities in the world according to this research. The fact that these rankings support a city's economy is excellent news for Canada as a nation.

Calgary turns out to be the best city to live in, at least this year, despite the fact that Toronto and Vancouver may be the most well-known Canadian cities.

In a rating of the world's most livable cities, Calgary has climbed to third place, its highest ever placement. It is tied for third best city to live in with Zurich, Switzerland. Due to the early lifting of pandemic limitations, Calgary, the third-largest city in Canada according to Stat Can,  has moved up 15 positions since 2021.

The index assigns rankings to 172 cities throughout the world based on more than 30 factors, such as infrastructure, availability of health care, amount of green space, chances for culture and sports, and crime rates.

The Economist lists some of the most crucial elements as include stability, infrastructure, healthcare, and education. What impact do these rankings have on a city's economic growth? by encouraging companies and professionals to relocate to these cities. In turn, this promotes economic expansion and employment creation.

3 Canadian Cities Were Among the world’s most live able #infographic #lifestyle

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