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Your Brain On Beer Vs Coffee

 The pursuit of a degree is comparable to balancing a beer and a cup of coffee on a tightrope, if we pretend that there aren't already enough clumsy analogies to depict the college experience. even if you don't drink and don't care for coffee all that much. Actually, you don't even need to be a college student. The point I'm trying to make here is that there's a fine line between when to unwind and when to go to work. (Though you might want a nice coffee holder.)

However, this poses some intriguing issues. Despite their disadvantages, it appears that there is a method to appropriately optimize their benefits with the knowledge we now have about substances like coffee and alcohol. If that is the case, are we failing to reach our maximum potential by failing to take the appropriate boosters at the appropriate time?

In principle, at least, it would appear that way, yet lots of people do remarkable things on their own. Then there is Charles Bukowski, for example. Last week, he was mentioned in an infographic regarding sleep patterns and productivity. He was also one of the most prolific authors and a highly devoted alcoholic, in addition to being the last to awaken every morning at noon (although that seems a little early for him). Although there is a natural tension and release in life that may be heightened by stimulants or depressants, it is debatable whether or not this is a prerequisite for a more effective way of living.

Your Brain On Beer Vs Coffee #infographic #health

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