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The Top 4 Foods To Eat To Promote Overall Oral Health

 We've all been thoroughly educated on what foods we shouldn't eat to protect our pearly whites and reduce the risk of tooth decay, but what foods are good for our oral health?

Dairy: We immediately think of the great mineral calcium, which is abundant in dairy, but calcium is not the only beneficial element found in your average glass of milk. Dairy also contains potassium, zinc, and magnesium, all of which are beneficial to your oral health.

Consuming a lot of calcium is known to help protect our pearly whites, but it's useless if it can't be absorbed. Vitamin D is required for calcium absorption and is commonly found in fatty fish.

Green tea contains phosphorous, which aids in the killing of bacteria in your mouth that feed on sugar. These bacteria are the ones that cause decay. 
Chocolate: Dark chocolate contains cacao bean husk, an ingredient that hardens tooth enamel and thus reduces your risk of tooth decay. Make sure you don't confuse dark chocolate with its much sweeter cousin, milk chocolate.

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