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9 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter

Did you know that engaging in certain pastimes regularly might boost your intelligence? Some pastimes that aid in this process are more clear than others, and some might unexpectedly fail to make the top 10. A clear choice is a pastime, such as reading.


Reading generally produces more information on a subject than watching television. According to recent research, it increased international and cultural knowledge more than viewing television.


Writing makes it simpler for us to imagine the course we wish to take and helps us better organize our thoughts. Major advantages can result from writing regularly on a daily or weekly basis.

playing a video game

Although most people consider video games to be mindless amusement, certain studies have proven that they can actually improve your cognitive functioning. Playing video games can help you become more analytical and spatially aware.


Even though it might not seem like it, exercise is one of the finest pastimes for increasing intelligence. It can improve your mood, make you happy, and increase other intelligence-related traits.


The mind is said to benefit through meditation. The ability to focus has improved for practitioners.

Taking in music

It is well-known that listening to classical music boosts intelligence. Songs with a brain theme have an impact on cerebral structure and function.

playing chess

Despite being a basic game, chess requires sophisticated tactics. The impact on a person's working memory is quite observable.

Learning a Language

The benefits of learning a second language for your cognitive capacities have been well documented. According to recent research, it can have an impact on the way that some brain regions are organised.


Juggling can aid in the improvement of hand-eye coordination and visual motion perception

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