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Which Weapons Most Commonly Used For Homicides?

 The information is based on 13,922 homicides that occurred nationwide in 2019 and were recorded by the FBI. For 16,425 of the occurrences, they were able to gather more data. Handguns, rifles, shotguns, and a category for when the type of firearm they were employing is unknown are the basic categories into which weapons fall. The FBI keeps tabs on the number of homicides perpetrated using non-firearms as well. Knives, cutting implements, and physical weapons like hands, feet, and fists are examples of these. In the United States, non-firearms are used in about 24% of murder cases.

Many experts think it would still matter if rifles were outlawed, even though they are less common than other dangerous weapons. This includes assault rifles. The majority of deadly shootings are carried out with pistols. The FBI claims that non-guns are used in the majority of US homicides. More often than firearms, it was discovered that people utilised their hands, fists, and feet as weapons. According to NIH research, only 3% of crimes are committed using assault weapons.

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