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PPE 101: Your Guide To Personal Protective Equipment

 PPE is more than just a defense against viral epidemics. There is a need for personal protection equipment for all kinds of workers across all industrial sectors.

A hard hat is necessary if you work on a construction site so you can protect yourself from flying debris. Aprons are necessary when working in a kitchen to protect both you and the food you produce. For individuals dealing with brick dust, you might need ventilation equipment, dust masks, and nose clips. Breathing equipment is required for divers. Hair nets are needed by cooks.

Because every worker has safety demands, PPE is applicable to every sector of industry. Every employer is required by law to offer this PPE, or they run the danger of being sued later for failing to do so.

Simply put, as an employer, you cannot afford to neglect PPE. In this infographic, you can see all the many types of PPE that you would need to offer to your personnel.

PPE 101: Your Guide To Personal Protective Equipment  #infographic #best infographics #infographic s

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