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The 30 Deadliest Structural Failures of All Time

 What structural failures have been the deadliest ever? The Forney Vault research team's new infographic answers that question by listing the 30 greatest structural collapses in historical records. The Fidenae Amphitheatre collapsed in Rome, Italy, back around 27 C.E., according to studies conducted by their team. The structure was made of cheap wood and was unable to accommodate the 50,000 spectators that came to see the gladiator matches. It was so deadly that the death toll is five times higher than the second-ranked incident, which resulted in the deaths of 4,000 people at Ponte das Barcas in Porto, Portugal, in 1809.

The 30  Deadliest Structural Failures of All Time #infographic #best infographics #infographic s
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