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70+ words to characterize your voice

 If you're crafting a narrative with talking characters, give them voices. Your viewers will be able to picture them conversing as a result of their words coming to life on the page. Using adjectives that characterize their voices is the most effective method to achieve this. There are more than 70 distinct ways to describe how someone sounds when they talk, which is fortunate for authors (and fortunate for us!). Here is a list of every method we have so far discovered:

What adjectives would best characterize a voice?
Nasal: the jumbled, noisy sound of a voice. A "nasal," "nasally," or "nasality" description is appropriate.
Low and soft: a low-pitched voice with a soothing tone, as when speaking to young children or animals.

A throaty voice sounds like it is coming from the back of the throat rather than the mouth; it is frequently linked to smoking or drinking alcohol. This is also referred to as "becoming hoarse" at times. He must have been shouting at someone earlier today since he sounds hoarse, for instance.
If you wish to explain the speaker's or character's voice in your writing:

She had a sweet voice when she spoke.
He talked with a rich, deep voice. (This phrase might refer to males, females, or others.)
Her voice was pleasant and jovial. (This term can refer to a man, a woman, or another gender.)
"He chuckled raspily when he stated this." (This term can refer to a man, a woman, or another gender.)
Examples: When your best buddy calls, you're reading on the sofa at home. She's asked to borrow your car tonight. You become enraged because it is Friday night, but you calm down when you consider that all of her friends are also going out, so hopefully, she won't have many opportunities to crash it into anything. Additionally, she now has a system that will alarm if her foot deviates too far from the brake pedal.

70+ words to characterize your voice

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