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Where Ukraine Gets the Most Help 

 Between the beginning of the Russian invasion in February 2022 and November 20, the United States committed $50.9 billion in military, financial, and humanitarian help to Ukraine. According to data from the Ukraine Support Tracker, the United States has by far given Ukraine the greatest help overall ($37.2 billion), followed by EU institutions ($7.5 billion), the United Kingdom ($7.5 billion), Germany ($5.8 billion), and Canada ($5.1 billion).

A new 18 billion euro macro-financial assistance (MFA) package negotiated by the EU for 2023 decreased the difference, according to the founders of the tracker at the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, where the U.S. had initially pledged roughly twice as much as all EU nations and institutions combined. The overall amount of help offered by all EU institutions and nations equals slightly more than 52 billion euros as of this writing. The Ukraine Support Tracker's team leader, Christoph Trebesch, said in November that "up until now, the EU's support for Ukraine has consistently fallen behind that of the US since the beginning of the war." This has shifted in recent weeks, as the total amount of EU pledges has surpassed that of the US. Given the significant impact this conflict has had on European security, the big additional EU promises are a positive step.

When looking at bilateral aid as a share of GDP, numerous European nations stand out, with Estonia (1.1%), Latvia (0.9%), and Poland (0.5%) being the most generous givers. The United States comes in at number 10 because it contributes 0.2% of its GDP.

Where Ukraine Gets the Most Help

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